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Welcome to Katuaq - Greenland Cultural Centre

Katuaq is a cultural venue for the whole of Greenland. It was opened on the 15th of February 1997 and is based in Nuuk.

Katuaq is like a musical instrument that can begin to play at any moment. During the day it’s full of dreams – at night it acts like a magnetic field, drawing people into the light. Katuaq is a magical venue whose architecture was inspired by waving northern lights, icebergs and the play of light on ice and snow. The building was designed by architects Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen of Århus Denmark.

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Today 20/2 2017

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Katuaq - Greenland's Culture House has a unique opportunity to combine the professional natural and artistic experiences, in the middle of a modern Arctic communities. Katuaq lies in a central location in town, near shops, supermarkets and accommodation which makes it attractive for business guests to hold meetings or conferences for five star quality.

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The café in Katuaq is an oasis of culture universe. The cafe is a meeting point for many, ranging from local families to tourists, artists and musicians who perform or exhibit in Katuaq. Contact CaféTuaq via cafe@katuaq.gl or via tel. +299 36 37 79 or via mobile tel. +299 52 95 58


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