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Paninnguaq Lind Jensen

Lightsource and hybrids

My intention with this exhibition is to present paintings with elements we know from our own culture – something we identify us selves with our cultural heritage.

For me art is more than what we define ourselves with, as part of our cultural identity. For me art is a created world by the impressions artists gets out of their surroundings.

My exhibition includes paintings with different color combinations, and recognizable elements from the things we see every day in society, presented in other contexts. My goal is to get people to see things in a different perspective. I´ve used Mythological creatures and objects we know from our culture. Our mythology has grown to become holy; previously general tools are nowadays symbols, not to mention icons in the word's original meaning. I will with this exhibition show my vision. I will show how our culture and society has been, and still are, sources of inspiration for me and my creativity, and show the fact that art can easily be more than Ulo's, national costumes, Avittat and the Greenlandic nature. The intention is to do it without moving too far away from the terms we know and identify us selves with and are helping to shape our culture.



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